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KompleteCare Switch

KompleteCare Switch is an industry-grade HMO Management SaaS platform designed to improve operational efficiency for health insurance industry stakeholders. It streamlines workflows, offering a comprehensive solution for tasks like plan distribution, member onboarding, authorization code issuance, claims processing, service verification, provider payment integration, and enhanced visibility into provider service provision.

Key Features

Data Security and Protection

Better Service Utilization Visibility

Improved Service Tariff Management

Report Generation

Automated Claims Management Process

Digital Multi-Specialist Clinic for Chronic Disease Management

ICD-11 Disease Coding

Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Telecare Integration

Benefits to you

Utilization Management: Get a full view of the service utilization of your members, providers.

Claims processing at the speed of thought: Improve your claims processing throughput rate by 1000%.

Automated Authorisation Codes: Eliminate wait times for your enrollees at care facilities.

Market intelligence: Price your services right by leveraging information from providers in real-time.

Operational Efficiency: Reduce operational costs to the barest minimum through digitization.

Payment Integration Enabled: Make payments right from your wallet to providers.

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Industry Value

Industry Grade: Robust platform that accommodates processing of industry transaction volumes.

Single Provider Interface: Hosting Multiple Payers eliminating manual work and errors from handling multiple HMO plans, policies, and rules.

Distribution: Increase trust and deepen health insurance penetration through seamless channel distribution and service excellence.

Silo Elimination: KompleteCare Switch is a one-stop for administrative, service, and financial management for Health Insurance transactions and processes.

Interoperability: KompleteCare Switch integrates existing software in the industry for seamless transactions.

Transparency: With KompleteCare Switch, industry and business lucidity is assured with renewed trust from providers and the government.

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Why KompleteCare Switch?

Optimised Claims, Provider, and Enrollee Management Processes

KompleteCare Switch streamlines health insurance operations, ensuring efficient claims processing and seamless management of providers and enrollees.

Data-Based Decision-Making for Capitation and Premium Setting

Leverage data-driven insights on capitation and premium payments, empowering informed decision-making for your health insurance business.

Health Exchange Ecosystem

Our interconnected marketplace brings hospitals, labs, pharmacies, doctors, and other HMOs together, fostering collaboration for improved service delivery and streamlined operations.

ICD-11 Disease Coding

As the only platform in Nigeria utilizing the ICD-11 disease coding system, KompleteCare adheres to the global standard, enhancing accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.

Interoperability with Existing Software

Designed for seamless integration with minimal disruptions to your existing systems, KompleteCare Switch can be customized to suit your specific operational needs.

High Performance, Reliability, and Safety

KompleteCare Switch ensures a high-performing, reliable, and secure platform for your health insurance operations, providing a foundation for trust and confidence.

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Client's Testimonials

"When I was first told about the product, I didn't really understand how much of a game-changer this was until I had gone through the demo. This will really improve the entire HMO industry."

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